Four ways to extend lashes

Women are able to cope with shortcomings. That is why we can use eyes lens or make skillful eye makeup to highlight the advantages and correct disadvantages

Eyelashes play a big role in coquetry of glance. Optimally long and delightfully dense they are called curtains or fans.

How can we help help to improve their appearance if they are thin, not too thick, too bright or flat?

There are several ways to achieve metamorphosis – from treatments, which give us the best effects, to household methods.

The most expensive procedure, which offers the best results, is permanent eyelash transplant or transplant hair from the back of the head and placing them in cutting of the eyelids. Even quite recently surgery was recommended to people who have lost their eyelashes during serious illness or lighter ailments. Meanwhile, more and more people decide to try this method. Its effectiveness is high – 100% - and results are reliable. However, price still manages to scare people off – it is about 1000 GBP.

Ladies often go to the beauty salons, where there are many methods of eyelash extensions. The most popular treatments are: 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 – the analogous lashes are glued to 1, 2 or 3 natural lashes. False eyelashes are attached using the glue – they can be synthetic or natural. Sticked lashes persist from 4 to 6 weeks or fall together with natural hair (according to the life expectancy). A big defect of this method is weakening of our natural lashes by what they can look like hell. Cost: 100-120 GBP.

Producers of cosmetics also introduce new cosmetics for ​​eyelash extensions. There are cosmetics lengthening and thickening setting the eye and cosmetics for nursing eyelashes. Each brand represents a different composition of the product, that is way in the internet we find a lot of reviews of cosmetics. Eyelash Conditioner, because of its speech here, usually guarantees a 3-month course of treatment after which we will be satisfied. The cost of a 3-month treatment is 30-70 GBP. Be careful – there are a lot fake-conditioner on the Internet.. Cheap products, which cost 3-13 GBP, don’t help and sensitize.

Latest method for eyelash extensions – at home. You can get the ingredients for home treatments at the pharmacy – castor oil or petroleum jelly. We must remember that effects of treatment appear after a few weeks. Probably it may never happen, because the natural properties of such products need long time to absorb.

As professional as women still seek newer ways of nutrition eyelashes.

1. Transplantation of eyelashes / eyelash transplant

Eyelash extensions (transplantation) is recommended to those whose hair thinned in this area or completely dissapear as a result of thyroid disease, infections, burns, scalding, plucking or a hereditary tendency to loss and hair thinning.

For thin, short and rare eyelashes the remedy can be a hair transplantation. Such surgery is based on collecting hair from the back of the head and separating them under a microscope. Prepared hair are placed in the notches of the eyelid. This procedure is very precise – can last for several hours. So long treatment time results from the precision that must demonstrate surgeon. The most import ant thing is embed hair and gives it a right direction of growth. Caring after treatment consists primarily of hair trimming. Hair was retrieved from head’s skin and they are not genetically predetermined of length. The cost of transplantation is about 1000-3000 GBP.

The cost of this treatment puts off potential customers in the UK. Women usually choose different forms of eyelash extensions.

2. Eyelash Extension - false eyelashes

Beauty salons offer well-known way of eyelash extensions: 1:1. Why this name? Eyelash extensions is based on sticking individual eyelashes, specially blended counterpart (there are also 2:1 and 3:1 methods which similarly correspond to the volume of eyelashes glued to the natural hair). We find mainly the natural variant, sometimes they use mink hair in the beauty salons. Beauticians apply every hair using tweezers and adhesive. We talk about an amount from 80 to 120 individual hairs. Glued eyelashes are able to keep up to 6 weeks.

Who is this treatment the best for? It is recommended to women whose lashes are too sparse, short or not curly. Eyelash extensions in this way is also a great idea for bigger occasion: wedding, prom or New Year’s Eve Party.

Is there a procedure for everyone?

Improving look using this method discourages ladies with fairly weak root hair and very thin hair. Adhesive and stuck substitute charge natural lashes and it can dramatically shorten its life.

Unfortunately, people with sensitive eyes may feel burning sensation and discomfort, which will invoke by glue or false eyelashes. That is discouraged women suffering from allergies, especially those that sensitize cosmetic ingredients.

If in the make-up bag there is waterproof mascara - you have to forget about them (makeup difficult to remove). Liquids for make-up removal contains oily substances and these weaken adhesive bond.

However, immediately after treatment the effect is phenomenal. Lashes will not need any fixture every day. The results of procedure are visible from afar.

3. Eyelash Conditioner

Non-invasive, effective and relatively inexpensive – women more and more often buy eyelash conditioners which are available in drugstores, pharmacies and even in online stores. In the composition of such cosmetics consists of mostly vitamin B2, E, provitamin B5 (and more of its derivative). In these cosmetics, which focus on nature, we can find coconut oil or castor oil. Other frequently encountered compounds are biotin, which prevents hair loss, and panthenol – its task is mitigating the irritation.

Eyelash conditioner are designed to not only lengthen and thicken hair. Some producers even specialize composition of their product and aim not only for eyelash extensions but also on nutrition, turning or darken eyelashes.

Application of eyelash conditioner is possible thanks to the brush. Package contains from 3 to 6 ml of liquid. Conditioner should be enough for at least 3 months (depending on using), which is not only determinant of performance cosmetics, but also is growth cycle of hair.

Even quite recently women were not attracted such importance to nutrition while using cosmetics. There were treatments (appending lashes for a special occasion) and using natural cosmetics. However, there are more and more cosmetics for eyelash styling and this makes lashes weaker and weaker and cause the need need for nourishment.

4. Eyelash Extensions – Household methods

It is noteworthy also in the field of the natural ways to eyelash extensions. A lot of women use castor oil to improve the condition of their lashes. It contains stearic acid, which protects lashes against harmful influence of external factors and loss of humidity. It can be applied two times a day or once a day. For this we use clean brush from eyeliner or mascara. Castor oil can also be applied on the eyebrows that become expressive and thicker. Similar action has also cosmetic kerosene, which is more appreciated as a treatment for hair.

A less popular way to prevent breakage is using petroleum jelly, which is applied on the lash line gently. This basic cosmetic counters brittling lashes and moisturizes root of hair.

Exact make-up removal is very important for daily care. Here it is not worth saving money, because any contamination ( removal of mascara) lead to a weakening of the hair roots. We wash makeup gently! Don’t nibble and grate

Supplementation is also a very important element of healthy eyelashes. How do I know the best nourishment takes place from the inside, that is through diet and supplementing the missing vitamins and micronutrients in the diet. You can get a tablet with folic acid, vitamin H and E, silicon, iron, zinc and extracts of horsetail and net tle in pharmacies without a problem. There are also beneficial B vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and seaweed and green tea extract are beneficial too.